The power of thoughts

You will be surprised about what you are capable of

For thousands of years now walking through fire has been practiced. People experience in a fascinating way that they are able to change and achieve things which they have never thought of.

Running through fire makes you feel like you can achieve anything you wish. Knowing that fire will burn you is simply ignored. After running through fire you will reflect and recognize that not everything is impossible. You will learn that you are able to transform and be emotionally, mentally as well as physically stronger.

Bare feet on burning wood or drumming seminars – anything is possible

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Company outing Infineon München - In- and Outdoorprogramme Lavanttal/Kärnten

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It was SUPER INTERGALAKTISCHTOLL... Dirt from the foot to the hear, but a lot of fun in the high ropes garden, at climbing and shooting.

It was a big success! Thanks a lot for organising this perfect event!!!!

M. Zakic